• The platform uses generative AI to link APIs with appropriate test cases, ensuring consistency across various applications and environments.
  • ServiceNow, PagerDuty, JIRA, and Slack are among the more than 300 third-party programs in the most recent update.

Cequence Security Inc., a startup in application programming interface security, recently unveiled updates to its Unified API Protection Platform that are intended to improve customers’ abilities to find, control risk, and safeguard application programming interfaces.

The platform’s ability to protect APIs for organizations is strengthened by the release’s addition of improvements that streamline security workflows and provide useful insights.

The implementation of generative artificial intelligence to enhance API security testing tops the list of updated features. In “Intelligent Mode,” as described by Cequence, the AI automates the development of API security test plans.

To deliver a consistent experience across various applications and environments, the platform uses generative AI to comprehend APIs and link them with the appropriate test cases. Cequence asserts that the service can significantly speed up the development of test plans and guarantee better test coverage.

The company has added the API Top 10 2023 test cases from the Open Web Application Security Project to provide more thorough security testing. Enabling API tests to be run outside conventional Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment pipelines increases flexibility.

The update also adds a module for fraud prevention, a feature that enables businesses to respond to online fraud threats instantly. The module is compatible with Cequence’s portfolio of account takeover attempt detection, business logic abuse detection, and other standard security risk detection capabilities.

Over 300 third-party applications, including ServiceNow, JIRA, PagerDuty, and Slack, are included in the most recent update. The integrations give security analysts the tools to quickly address new API security risks by providing the infrastructure for a low-code/no-code API Security Orchestration and Response workflow.

It is also claimed that new updates to API Spyder, a component of Cequence’s Unified API Protection Platform, now enable customers to recognize exposed APIs that are not protected from external access. The upgrade expands the infrastructure for Cloud Security Posture Management’s defenses and strengthens its runtime API inventory and compliance-checking capabilities.

Ameya Talwalkar, Founder and Chief Executive, said ahead of the release, “We are always exploring ways to further automate and improve our UAP solution and help our customers consolidate the tools required to stay ahead of the threat actors. The updates to our platform continue to set us apart from other point solution vendors in the API security space as we are providing our customers with the only integrated best-of-suite approach to discover, comply, test, and protect their APIs.”