• The collaboration aims to strengthen cybersecurity by combining Vercara’s network and application protections with Cequence Security’s Unified API Protection platform.
  • Vercara’s cloud-based security services secure online experiences by offering multiple layers of protection against diverse threats.

Cequence Security Inc., a startup specializing in application programming interface security, has unveiled a new partnership with Vercara LLC, a cloud-based security platform provider, to enhance API security.

The collaboration aims to enhance cybersecurity by combining Vercara’s network and application protections with Cequence Security’s Unified API Protection platform. This partnership is focused on addressing the constantly evolving digital threats, particularly those aimed at APIs.

APIs play a central role in numerous online services and applications, enabling communication between various software components. While essential, they also pose a potential target for cyber-attacks. The collaboration between Cequence Security and Vercara aims to mitigate these risks.

Cequence contributes with a platform offering a comprehensive API security approach. The platform incorporates features for identifying external and internal APIs and verifying their compliance with security best practices and governance standards. Additionally, it provides advanced, real-time protection against various API attacks, thwarting their impact on applications.

Vercara’s cloud-based security services ensure secure online experiences by implementing layers of protection against diverse threats. The amalgamation of these capabilities with Cequence Security’s platform is anticipated to forge a more resilient end-to-end security solution capable of effectively combating today’s sophisticated cyber threats.

Senior Vice President of Solutions at Vercara, Carlos Morales, said, “The absence of API protection puts you at risk of potential theft, fraud, non-compliance and business disruptions. Our partnership with Cequence combines our collective best-in-class services to address the evolving demands of the cybersecurity landscape, ensuring that businesses can confidently deploy needed applications and successfully navigate the complexities of API security with advanced, holistic protection.”

Arun Gowda, Vice President of Business Development at Cequence Security, mentioned that incorporating the company’s API security solutions with Vercara’s Web Application Firewall and Distributed Denial-of-Service tools will provide an “advanced, holistic API protection.”

Cequence Security, supported by venture capital, secured its last funding from Hewlett-Packard Pathfinder LP and Prosperity7 Ventures LLC in April. While the exact funding amount wasn’t disclosed, Cequence had previously raised over USD 100 million.