Cegedim: Goal Chooses Cegedim Outsourcing As Its IT Security Partner

Published by: Insights Desk Released: Mar 14, 2019 Source: DemandTalk
Cegedim: Goal Chooses Cegedim Outsourcing As Its IT Security Partner

Goal chooses Cegedim Outsourcing as a partner in IT security. The project is based on the SentinelOne endpoint protection solution Vélizy, March 11, 2019, Cegedim Outsourcing, the specialist in IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing (BPO). Subsidiary Groupe Cegedim announces that it has been chosen to secure the IT infrastructure But in France brand.

This project is based on a strong technological partnership between Cegedim Outsourcing and SentinelOne, which supports companies and public administrations in securing their endpoints and protecting against attacks that compromise their IT infrastructure and/or their data. But, France’s leading network of stores specializing in home equipment, with 7,000 employees and more than 300 stores in France, wanted to strengthen the IT security of its headquarters employees and its franchisees. Following consultation with several partners, Goal’s Information Systems Department (ISD) selected the offer proposed by Cegedim Outsourcing in November 2018, based on quality, performance and scalability criteria. The solution, being deployed, supports the strategy of securing the computers and servers of the company and protect them against all types of malware (malware) known and unknown, from the most basic to the most complex: ransomware, trojan, virus, worm, payload etc. An end-to-end approach to security “Computer security is a major issue, on which they are particularly mobilized and demanding, both in terms of choice of solution and partner in charge of its deployment. Faced with the growing number of attempts to break into the world and the evolution of hacker strategies, threat detection, and neutralization capabilities are essential to preserve the assets and performance of the company”, testifies Thierry LECLERC, Manager Information Systems Security (RSSI).

From prevention to recovery, Cegedim Outsourcing implements a complete system to secure the company’s IT activities and data: prevent the execution of a threat; detect this threat by analyzing malicious behavior; stop the threat; remove all changes made by the threat; restore, if necessary, potentially deleted or encrypted data. Said Gabriel YOPPA, Business Engineer, Cegedim “We are pleased to support Goal in this large-scale project, making full use of the technological performance of our SentinelOne offering, our robust methodology and the expertise of our teams. The implementation of a pilot over two months allowed the IT teams of Goal to prepare the full-scale deployment, which was successfully held”.

About Cegedim Outsourcing: Cegedim Outsourcing specializes in IT infrastructure and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Within its IT division, Cegedim Outsourcing provides companies of all sizes with highly secure services (business and IT processes), integration, outsourcing, technical assistance services and innovative solutions with renowned partners. Through its BPOCustomer Relationship and recognized expertise in sensitive data sectors, Cegedim Outsourcing offers outsourced customer relationship, dematerialization and back office management services.


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