CRU Data Security Group (CDSG), a reliable provider of data security, data transport, and disaster-proof data storage devices, and Digistor, a leading manufacturer of secure solid-state drives (SSDs) and removable storage solutions, has announced its recent collaboration. Digistor and CDSG aim to expand and strengthen secure data storage offerings for PC and government agencies, enterprise OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and defense and military customers.

Being the well-known providers of secure data storage solutions, CDSG is known explicitly for its CRU removable drive components. Whereas while Digistor is known for its encrypted SSDs, industrial-grade, and VaultDisk removable drive components. Along with it uniting product offerings, CDSG will integrate sales and go-to-market activities, manufacturing skills, R and amp;D (Research and Development), and engineering to uniquely position the organization to build and deliver safe data storage for its shared consumer segments.

“Together, CDSG and Digistor can better serve government customers concerned with securing data at rest or during transport,” said CDSG President and CEO, Randal Barber. “Our combined 50 years of expertise and industry leadership position us for accelerated growth in the rapidly evolving world of trusted and secure data storage. We’re thrilled to join forces to create a shared strategic vision and energized commitment to customer success.”

As both the companies have complementary product offerings that overlap little, it can create a solution that spans desktops, laptops, workstations, and enterprise and defense storage ecosystems. To provide complete, skilled data storage solutions for security-conscious organizations, each company produces components combined with the other products. With Digistor SSDs, CDSG will optimize its latest SHIPS (Secure High Performance Storage) NVMe ecosystem and CRU removable drives. Digistor’s product portfolio adds net-new laptop and desktop products to enhance the current offerings of CRU.

Besides, integrating manufacturing, technology development tools, and third-party distribution networks would drive more effective and efficient operation for the broad spectrum of clients at CDSG, including defense and other military departments, small and medium-sized companies, data centers, and entertainment.

“Together, our expertise is a force multiplier for innovation of physical data security and data transport solutions,” said Digistor President Lawrence. “We’re excited to continue and expand our commitment to delivering highly secure data storage across existing and new applications.”