• Bitdefender Scamio provides a second opinion on potential fraud attempts by analyzing emails, text messages, images, links, and QR codes.
  • The newly introduced service is user-friendly, compatible with any device or operating system, and can be accessed through a web browser or Facebook Messenger.

S.C. Bitdefender SRL, a cybersecurity firm, has introduced a new scam detection service. This service is crafted to aid users in validating deceptive online schemes presented through email, embedded links, text, and instant messaging, utilizing the support of an AI-powered chatbot.

Bitdefender Scamio, the latest offering, is a scam detection chatbot providing a secondary opinion on potential fraud attempts. It scrutinizes emails, text messages, images, individual links, and QR codes.

To utilize the service, users input suspicious content into Scamio and detail the manner in which it was received. Scamio promptly delivers a verdict and suggests subsequent actions, such as deleting or blocking the sender. Additionally, it offers guidance on preventive measures to safeguard against scams in the future.

Scamio aims to tackle the widespread problem of increasing fraud each year. A February report from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission revealed a staggering USD 8.8 billion lost to fraud in the U.S., underscoring the magnitude of the issue.

Bitdefender argues that cyber criminals’ increasing use of large language model AIs to generate deceptive content, making it difficult to detect, is expected to complicate the fight against online fraud. Scamio steps into this scenario, providing AI support to users who may struggle to confirm the legitimacy of emails and text messages they receive.

Bitdefender’s threat protection technologies power Scamio, maximizing scan detection rates and providing context decoding for scam verdicts based on understanding specific circumstances. The solution is purportedly adept at addressing intricate forms of fraud, like social engineering, which often evades standard detection methods.

The new service can be accessed through a web browser or Facebook Messenger, is easy to use, and works with any device or operating system. Advanced natural language processing is incorporated into Scamio to comprehend and interpret user conversations, including those with linguistic nuances and subtleties that are frequently used in scams. It costs nothing to use the service, and downloading or having access to a Bitdefender product beforehand is unnecessary.

Senior Vice President of operations for Bitdefender’s Consumer Solutions Group, Ciprian Istrate, said, “The rapid rise of AI adoption by cybercriminals to dupe people out of money, steal personal information and infiltrate their digital lives has become a true game changer. Scamio evens the playing field by giving a reliable probability of malicious activity based on message content and context. It’s like having a personal assistant you can always talk to and rely on to help protect your digital life.”