• Balbix detects a company’s most critical assets as well as the associated vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, control failures, and security issues.
  • The new edition enables efficient asset compliance validation by offering real-time, always-up-to-date results via dashboards.

Balbix Inc., a cybersecurity posture startup, launched a new Center for Internet Security Benchmark automation tool that enables compliance teams to acquire updated CIS Benchmark data, identify their most vulnerable assets, and mitigate security risks.

The new service was created to address the issue of firms performing CIS Benchmarking once a year and not understanding how these policies mitigate security threats.

According to Balbix, compliance teams frequently gather asset data using a manual scanning tool or through assessments. They add reported susceptibilities, control data, and misconfigurations related to those assets, and compile spreadsheet reports so auditors can address their requisites. These processes might typically take some weeks or months.

With the implementation of new U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission laws requiring corporations to report data breaches within four days, security and compliance teams must understand their most critical assets and applications to evaluate whether incidents were material. This is because they now have to produce disclosure reports in days rather than weeks or months.

Balbix’s new release solves these concerns by making it easier for compliance teams to assess whether their assets meet needed CIS Benchmarks and other standards. The latest edition enables efficient asset compliance validation by offering real-time, always-up-to-date results via dashboards.

Furthermore, Balbix detects a company’s most critical assets and the associated vulnerabilities, control failures, misconfigurations, and security issues. The intelligence acquired enables security teams to follow CIS-recommended best practices or to protect essential assets against future attacks.

Because the compliance reports strengthen Balbix’s existing risk quantification product, which analyzes millions of data points to describe security risk in monetary terms, the new capabilities further boost risk quantification. The addition of compliance posture information enables more accurate cyber risk assessments.

Gaurav Banga, Chief Executive, mentioned, “Our mission at Balbix is to empower organizations in enhancing their cybersecurity posture through automation and AI. We’re elevating that mission, equipping compliance and security teams to address their concerns holistically, keeping businesses ahead in an ever-evolving threat and amp; compliance landscape.”