As Apple fights another encryption struggle, Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, provided blended messages on encryption queries. In an assembly on Monday, Nadella reiterated the corporates’ opposition to encryption backdoor; however, said that they will give tentative assistance and other technical options sooner.

Nadella stated that backdoors are a terrible idea and that Microsoft has always cared about its consumers’ privacy and national security. He also suggested essential escrow programs, something that is currently being researched. This kind of system will lock away the backdoor key for use by those in power under specific circumstances, essentially like a protected door.

Talking about encryptions, Apple faced a huge controversy back in 2016 on its encryption programs, which led to a heated authorized pressure push to Apple, forcing it to unlock its cellphones.

Nadella’s remarks never explicitly lean one way or the other beyond his admonishment of backdoors. “We can’t take hard positions on all sides,” he said. “I hope that in our democracy, these are the things that arrive at legislative solutions.”

This is a statement where everyone seems to agree after 2016, “No, backdoors, please.” The current stand by the CEO comes after Microsoft announced that it would no longer be providing technical support for Windows 7.