• The service addresses the issue where many security professionals spend more time on manual processes than responding to vulnerabilities.
  • With NVM, BackBox provides network teams with an all-inclusive vulnerability management process, swiftly identifying and categorizing vulnerabilities based on threat level.

BackBox Software Inc., a network automation platform startup, recently introduced Network Vulnerability Manager, a new service offering network teams deep integration with vulnerability management.

Complementing BackBox’s existing Network Automation Platform, the new NVM seamlessly merges automated OS upgrades and network configuration management capabilities with network vulnerability assessment within unified workflows. Regardless of the complexity of the network, NVM has been designed to help network teams quickly identify vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, prioritize common vulnerabilities and exposures in accordance with their individual risk profiles, and automate multiple levels of remediation.

The majority of security professionals claim they spend more time navigating manual processes than responding to vulnerabilities, a problem that the service aims to address.

Josh Stephens, Chief Technology Officer, said, “Common vulnerability management tools focus on endpoints and are designed for security teams rather than network teams. BackBox’s vulnerability management capabilities have been specifically engineered for network operations teams in the way that they operate and to accelerate their path toward network automation.”

The BackBox platform now provides network teams with a thorough vulnerability management process that identifies vulnerabilities and categorizes them by threat level as they emerge, thanks to the addition of NVM.

The platform prioritizes vulnerabilities according to the requirements of each customer’s particular network environment. It automates multiple levels of remediation using configuration changes, network and firewall operating system upgrades, and patches. The platform simplifies OS and firmware updates with built-in backups, one-click rollbacks, and integrated pre- and post-update validations.

Additionally, the platform automates hardware upgrades based on vendor-driven end-of-life data and assists network teams with device lifecycle management.

Chief Executive Andrew Kahl said, “We believe network engineers are underappreciated superheroes, in the sense that they work very hard and have a huge impact on bolstering network performance, reliance and security while ensuring compliance across their multivendor environments. We are committed to introducing intuitive network-first offerings like NVM that enable these teams to do their best work every day.”

BackBox is a startup backed by venture capital, and in 2021, it raised USD 32 million in a Series A round that Elsewhere Partners LLC led. The Coca-Cola Company, Deutsche Telecom AG, Siemens AG, Verizon Communications Inc., United Airlines Hodling Inc., Airbus SE, Cellcom Israel Ltd., BNP Paribas SA, and Bloomberg LP are notable BackBox clients.