Aqua Security announced the acquisition of a Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) company, CloudSploit, for an undisclosed amount. Aqua Security is a serverless and container security provider, and this is its second acquisition—a strategic move toward CSPM.

CSPM is an innovative term used by Gartner to address various security demands of the cloud. CSPM includes multiple processes and tools, helping organizations avoid misconfigurations in the cloud. Gartner recently recommended all security vendors to invest in CSPM. The Cloud Security Alliance’s threats report ranks data breach as the topmost threat, followed by cloud misconfiguration.

Businesses around the world using cloud technology are increasingly investing in security. And if vendors come up with CSPM solutions, it is expected to be one of the main selling points in the future.

Rani Osnat, VP Strategy at Aqua Security, stated that the company always wanted to get in the adjacent space. The factors consolidating the market and customers expecting more out of the vendors are some of the main reasons Aqua Security invested in the space.

CloudSploit’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provides businesses with complete visibility across customers’ cloud resources, wherein it could also manage cloud security risks and benchmarks against security standards. CloudSploit business began as an open-source project, and Aqua’s investment is also toward the same open-source project.

Aqua, after the acquisition, raised $ 62 million in Series C funding round, which brings the complete valuation of the company to more than $ 100 million.