CyberMDX and Alphatron Medical have collaborated to help manage cybersecurity risks and protect the data workflow for Alphatron Medical’s customers.

CyberMDX is a prominent healthcare cybersecurity provider delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks.

Fast pacing digitization of hospitals made Alphatron Medical offer various IT solutions, data workflows, and medical workware to make healthcare professionals work smoothly and comfortably throughout the entire care process. With its integrated approach, the company aims to help healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs) manage increasingly complex healthcare IT environments.

Alphatron serves almost all hospitals in the Netherlands, as well as many in Belgium and Germany. Alphatron’s solutions benefit its customers by maximizing their IT systems and enabling healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

The importance of electronic personal health information (ePHI) has led to a dramatic rise in cyberattacks against healthcare organizations. It has highlighted the intensity of cybersecurity as a component of any healthcare organization’s IT strategy.

The partnership will help enhance security quality for Alphatron’s customers’ through CyberMDX’s Healthcare Security Suite, managing risks for Alphatron’s customers’ clinical data workflow.

The solution enables healthcare delivery organizations to keep up with rapidly evolving IT ecosystems while safeguarding the massive amounts of ePHI that regularly run through their networks and devices.

“With the intricacies of healthcare networks growing more complex by the day, partnerships to ensure the continued protection of critical data and medical infrastructure are vital,” said Amir Vashkover, VP, Business Development and Strategic Alliances at CyberMDX.

“Our partnership will further expand our presence in Europe, particularly in the Netherlands, where Alphatron serves 95% of healthcare providers. It’s also going to give Alphatron customers access to an award-winning IoT Security solution that significantly limits the attack surface and reduces likelihood of a successful breach,” Vashkover added

“The CyberMDX solution fits well into our portfolio of integrated medical IT workstations and image management and exchange products because it allows hospitals to simplify, secure, and improve work processes within healthcare,” said Harald Verloop, CEO, Alphatron Medical.

“Unlike other IT assets, connected medical devices are often unprotected or unmanaged. Alphatron is taking its responsibility to make sure their customers have the ability to implement a state-of-the-art cybersecurity solution,” Verloop added.