AlgoSec, a key provider of business-driven network security management solutions, announced its AlgoSec CloudFlow. A cloud-native solution is designed to deliver complete management and visibility of security control layers through enterprise cloud estates. This is now available in AWS (Amazon Web Services) Marketplace. It is a digital catalog that holds thousands of software listings from independent software vendors (ISVs).

AWS Marketplace helps organizations find, buy, test, and deploy software that runs on AWS, giving them another option to benefit from AlgoSec CloudFlow. CloudFlow offers organizations with instant visibility and in-depth risk analysis and remediation. CloudFlow offers multiple unique capabilities such as cloud security group clean-up and central policy management, allowing organizations to manage various similar security controls in a single policy efficiently. This strengthens enterprises’ cloud security postures while ensuring continuous audit-readiness.

Integration of CloudFlow in AWS Marketplace lets customers benefit from simplified sourcing and contracting and consolidated billing, ultimately resulting in cost savings. The new version also offers businesses the opportunity to extend their use of AlgoSec CloudFlow to their spending pledge to the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).

“Getting comprehensive visibility and management of security across cloud environments is one of the biggest security challenges that enterprises are facing today. Organizations need an efficient, automated security management approach to ensure consistent security across their hybrid-cloud estates,” said Eran Shiff, VP, Product at AlgoSec. “As a cloud-native solution, CloudFlow extends end-to-end automation of security policy management to multi-cloud estates. This drives agility while ensuring continuous security for next-generation enterprise environments. We’re delighted to give our customers an additional way to procure CloudFlow via AWS Marketplace.”

A new change in the partnership between AlgoSec and AWS is the addition of AlgoSec CloudFlow to the AWS Marketplace. AlgoSec CloudFlow is a part of the AlgoSec Cloud offering, seamlessly combines with the Security Management Solution of AlgoSec, providing effective and more straightforward management of the complex, heterogeneous networks of today. Security may be defined and implemented by companies across their entire network environment, using a cohesive security strategy to determine risk, troubleshoot communication problems, and alter management issues.