AGT, a leading provider of turnkey cybersecurity solutions, and NowSecure, the top mobile app security and privacy software solutions company, has decided to come together to deliver a new cybersecurity resilient framework globally.

Being part of the latest cybersecurity framework, AGT will now implement and disseminate the NowSecure mobile app security and privacy solutions throughout Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

Almost 70% of digital time is spent on mobile apps vs. desktop and web, but public app stores’ benchmarks show 85% of mobile apps have security problems, and 70% leak private data.

More than 5 million applications available in commercial app stores and millions of more mobile apps designed for employees and partners put consumers and organizations at risk, with mobile apps being the center of the digital transformation of businesses and government agencies.

Market competition and consumer demand pressures encourage mobile app launches with pace and speed, often leaving behind protection and privacy.

NowSecure provides the world’s most innovative security solutions for mobile apps and mobile risk management, which provide the speed, coverage, accuracy, and effectiveness required to solve these challenges on a scale. AGT will leverage NowSecure technologies within its resilient cybersecurity system to ensure mobile app portfolios’ protection and privacy.

Established nearly a decade ago in Berlin, AGT is a leading German security solution provider with a strong consultancy emphasis and in-depth know-how in device integration.

AGT has a mandate to introduce the latest technologies to customers in emerging markets, allowing advanced European security technology to be transferred. AGT specializes in technologies for cybersecurity, digital forensics, bespoke training, and voice and data encryption.

“Due to the COVID 19 pandemic around the whole world, we are forced to move to digital,” said Anas Chbib, Group Founder and CEO at AGT. “Our clients need now, more than ever, reliable and secure mobile applications, and we are here to help them master these cybersecurity challenges. We are proud to partner with an industry leader and pioneer, NowSecure, who has proven to be the number one testing solution in the mobile app security sector.”

The NowSecure suite of mobile app protection and mobile risk management tools, based on a decade of experience testing millions of mobile applications and backed by NowSecure Services and Support, including

  • NowSecure Platform for fully automated privacy and security testing and ongoing mobile risk monitoring
  • NowSecure Workstation for analyst-driven privacy and security testing
  • NowSecure Training Services Courseware for developers and security analyst skills advancement
  • NowSecure Pen Testing Services for expert mobile app certification

“With mobile dominating digital time spent vs. web, every business is becoming mobile-first; yet industry benchmarks show millions of mobile apps have security and privacy issues,” said Alan Snyder, CEO, NowSecure. “NowSecure has built advanced products and services to make it easy for organizations to safely scale their mobile app security, privacy, and risk management programs. We are excited to work with AGT to extend our reach globally.”