• The new release highlights rapid integration, seamlessly combining automated vulnerability remediation workflows with existing IT systems.
  • The latest release is tailored to aid global enterprises grappling with intricate environments, including the need for manual endpoint organization.

Action1 Corp., a risk-based patch management startup, recently released the most recent version of its patch management platform, which allows automated workflows to lower the mean time to remediate.

The latest release aims to assist multinational corporations facing challenges in managing intricate environments, such as manually arranging endpoints. This release reduces MTTR and eliminates any gaps in the remediation processes.

One of the new release’s primary features is its rapid integration capability, which enables businesses to easily integrate automated vulnerability remediation workflows with their current IT infrastructures. This feature has a quick time-to-value, which cuts down on the typically long timespan involved in implementing these kinds of solutions. It will only take a few minutes to get the new release operational.

The Action 1 Unified Vulnerability Discovery feature now includes an extended range of vulnerability detection capabilities, covering both third-party and operating system Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. Action1 eliminates the typically isolated segments and gaps that have previously disrupted remediation workflows by centralizing this data into a single view.

The latest version provides comprehensive third-party vulnerability remediation, and hundreds of applications and automated third-party application patches are now available in Action1’s software repository. Action1 has also grown by adding a data center in Europe for compliance reasons, guaranteeing adherence to regional regulations like the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union.

Mike Walters, President and Co-founder, said, “Enterprise IT teams often struggle with manually organizing their endpoints within their remediation solution, which can drag on for months, while leaving their organization exposed to risks arising from gaps in their remediation strategies. Action1’s latest features are designed to eliminate this tedious process, enabling enterprises to save costs and reduce security risks.”

The last time Action1 made headlines was in June, when it revealed that it had secured USD 20 million in fresh funding for R and D, emphasizing integrating zero-knowledge architecture into its platform.