• AccSense aims to use the fund to expand other IAM platforms and accelerate market strategies.
  • The platform is well-designed with multiple features such as one-click recovery, 10-minute RPO, verification, periodic testing of backup data, etc.

Startup AccSense intends to help organizations protect their Okta environment from cyberattacks. Acknowledging this, it has raised USD 5M in funding to expand the adoption of its namesake software platform.

Officially known as Empyrean Technologies Ltd., AccSense made its official announcement about the funding round recently. Many Angel investors actively participated in this seed funding. Joule Ventures led this funding round, followed by Gefen Capital, Fusion, and other angel investors.

To attain application security, many companies leverage Okta Inc.’s namesake identity and access management, or IAM. An IAM platform manages which users have logged into what application in the company’s network. Okta is built smart enough to detect and deny access to unauthorized requests automatically.

As the Okta platform majorly operates organizations’ cybersecurity activities, it also attracts many hackers. The hacker access the platform’s deployment to create malicious user accounts and enter into sensitive systems quickly. Also, hackers may even disrupt a genuine employee’s access to internal applications.

To fight back, Tel Aviv-based AccSense has developed a platform that provides essential tools. Such tools can identify potential malicious changes in the organization’s Okta environment. These tools are needed to mitigate such possible risks. Additionally, it also guarantees to simplify the detection of technical issues caused by human interference and ease them.

Moreover, the platform provides a facility to automatically create backup copies of an Okta environment. In case of the advent of a cyberattack or configuration error, the recovery of recent backup can be made by administrators with just a click.

RPO or Recovery Point Objective is a metric that tells how much data has been lost in case of an outage. RPO is of 10-minute, so data that is less than 10 minutes might be lost during an attack. This RPO of 10 minutes is guaranteed by this platform, as per AccSense.

In case of an attack, the need for employees to have consistent access to applications parallel with the administrator’s troubleshooting is fulfilled by this platform. More than this, other features, like offering backup features with a failover tool, are included. Also, this platform enables companies to create a standby copy of an Okta environment and bring it online as per need.

The company says that deployment of the Okta platform is relatively fast and simple. During installation, there is no need to deploy an additional piece of software in the Okta environment, as per AccSense.

Chief Executive officer and co-founder of AccSense, Muli Motola, said, “In today’s threat landscape, Cloud Identity Access Management systems are highly vulnerable to security breaches, human error, and insider threats. It is our mission to ensure that every IAM solution has optimal accessibility, maximum uptime, and next-level operational efficiency.”

The five-million-dollar funding raised by AccSense will not only be used for the platform Okta but also to add support for other IAM platforms. The company plans to speed up its go-to-market strategies.