Synack, the most reliable crowdsourced security testing platform, revealed in a recent survey that more and more companies are hiring third-party vendors and crowdsourcing testing to ensure security.

With data, applications, infrastructure, and other business assets on the list, it gets very complex and taxing for organizations to meet the necessary security requirements.

Additionally, with the new and stringent compliance frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, the dramatic surge in the cost of breach is giving organizations a tough time to protect data. So, in a highly regulated digital business environment, many business leaders and decision-makers are opting for third-party vendors who have capabilities to complete the work in a faster and cost-effective manner.

As per the detailed Synack survey- “The 2020 State of Compliance and amp; Security Testing Report,” 44% of the respondents disclosed that security testing is performed on a month-on-month basis to better understand and evaluate the current intensity of risk. About 30% stated that the same test was performed every quarter, while 9% of them followed a semiannual pattern, and the remaining 10% conducted it just once a year.

Even though regular security testing can be challenging, about 41% of the respondents were satisfied with their practice, and 59% admitted certain issue