• Passkeys are passwordless authentication that grants access to online services using the user’s device rather than a login and password combination.
  • Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex are the products Passage by 1Password represents.

1Password, a password management software provider, launched a new service called Passage that enables companies to integrate passkey authentication directly into their own apps and websites.

Passkeys are passwordless authentication that grants access to online services using the user’s device rather than a username and password combination. By unlocking their device frequently using biometrics, users can authenticate themselves using a passkey, which offers a digital credential.

With the inclusion of Passage, 1Password changes its focus from just providing password storage and management to also including user identity access and management. This also continues a passkey-related trend prevalent in the user authentication sector. They have gained attention because they avoid using username/password combinations, which makes them more secure as there is less for hackers to steal. Additionally, they are more immune to phishing attempts, which persuade users to divulge their passwords by logging into unauthentic websites.

This month, Google LLC added support for passkeys to customer accounts, which will soon be available in Google Workspace. Passkey integration was also announced by Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in 2022, and PayPal rolled out passkey integration for accounts in October.

Anna Pobletts, Head of passwordless at 1Password, said, “For passkeys to become the de facto industry standard, businesses must be able to easily implement passwordless authentication. With Passage by 1Password, businesses can provide a more secure login experience that creates a seamless experience for customers, increases user engagement, and saves on support costs.”

Businesses that utilize passkeys frequently face challenging installations due to the need for cross-platform compatibility, account recovery, and system upkeep. 1Password provides management solutions that relieve developers and information technology teams of these obligations to address these concerns. It may be implemented for websites and apps using the product with just a few lines of code.

Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex are the two services that Passage by 1Password represents.

With Passkey Complete, customers may replace the company’s current authentication flow with a fully featured passwordless authentication and identity management system for their business. It includes logging in without a password, account recovery, workarounds, and ongoing assistance from 1Password. Additionally, Complete supports all popular operating systems, web browsers, and gadgets, including iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.

Organizations wishing to gradually embrace passkeys can use Passkey Flex to integrate them into their existing authentication infrastructure. To give users the “flexibility” to select how they sign into the company, it offers a straightforward approach to integrate passkeys into their current authentication process with the fewest lines of code necessary. It is perfect for companies planning to do away with passwords but aren’t quite there yet.

The service was possible by 1Password’s November 2022 acquisition of Passage, a biometric firm led by LiveOak Venture Partners that funded four million dollars in February 2022.

Jeff Shiner, Chief Executive at 1Password, said, “At 1Password, we take a human-centric approach to security, and passkeys are instrumental in creating a safer, simpler digital future for everyone. Passage joined our team to further accelerate passkey adoption among developers, businesses, and customers.”

Companies can test the service for free for up to 1,000 active users per month with Passkey Complete and Passkey Flex. Above the free tier, companies pay depending on usage; there are no monthly costs or requirements for a 1Password subscription.