In the current market of sales, we are filled with sales tips that are looking to teach the newcomers – what to sell, when to sell and what to say. However, in every other aspect, we find sales being transformed due to new technology and many of the already set assumptions in the sales aren’t working.  Sales is now a process to build and maintain a relationship that evolves over time and so should be our sales approach. American Express one of the leading credit companies recently evaluated its approach towards the sales process, it totally differed in their way of thinking. To unlock the potential power of the sales team sometimes the counter-intuitive approach might open new avenues for any organization. One of the brilliant reasons why many of the sales leaders are remodeling their sales approach towards hiring. The same old thinking that the sales reps should be an extrovert can be a dull paradigm, sales teams are following. Diverse personalities in your sales team make you strengthen your sales approach and also add new thinking capability in the team.  An introvert can add a long-lasting client to your list, who will find the sales rep as an extended part of your company culture.

“No” can be a powerful statement and it needs to be addressed in a personalized way as each NO delivers a powerful message. Sometimes when a potential client says no it might be a good opportunity to go back to the drawing board and understand what went wrong during the funnel process. It might be sometimes important that an organization replies a no because the potential client might not be best fit to be invested or negotiated with. Organizations need to understand that saying no can be the best opportunity for you, giving your sales reps an opportunity to invest in other potential clients.