Sitel Group, a global leader in end-to-end customer experience (CX) products and solutions, announced that it has now turned into a Cloud Software Supplier for a G-Cloud framework on the UK’s Digital Marketplace by using its innso technology.

The UK Government’s G-Cloud is an initiative designed to make it simpler for any public sector company working within the UK department of government to procure technology resources that use cloud computing confidently and safely. innso, being an omnichannel customer service solution, simplifies the use of technology in customer relationship management (CRM) and is leveraged by companies worldwide to streamline their customer experience.

“We are proud to achieve supplier status in the UK,” said David Slaviero, Chief Technology Officer, Sitel Group. “It demonstrates to both the public and private sector markets that we offer secure solutions and are a supplier of choice for the UK government, its agencies, and beyond.”

Achieving G-Cloud status, although not a necessary criterion, creates an additional degree of trust for public sector bodies. It is important, especially for those sectors facing the twin challenges of fiscal accountability and providing customers with services that are on par with experiences with their preferable brands while selecting suppliers and providing services.

“As part of the Digital Marketplace, our technology supports government departments in their quest to securely and safely conduct business in the cloud,” said Nicolas Raffin, CEO and amp; Founder, innso. “Sitel Group’s years of expertise with government agencies highlight the trust and reliability these organizations have in the company.”

As Sitel Group’s experience supports the UK, the firm is also a trusted partner with robust solutions that help the government activities scale in the UK and other geographies.