• Ordina integrates SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C)
  • The expense was made to gain a 360-degree view
  • The new system enables Ordina to create a stronger rapport with customers

Ordina recently updated its CRM arsenal with the introduction of SAP Cloud for Customer (C4C). The integration helps the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) services provider add to the professionalization of business development and account management. Until the implementation went live, which technically took place on November 1, 2020, the ICT enterprise operated with two different CRM systems. This was the reason why Ordina was not up to the mark with an integrated insight into the customer relationship, in the market, and in its own portfolio in certain areas. However, to gain a “360-degree view,” the company spent on the implementation of an integrated CRM system.

Why SAP C4C?

Customer relationship is a priority for Ordina. Based on the comparison, the company chose SAP C4C as its cloud solution partner to manage customer sales, customer service, and marketing activities with utmost efficacy.

According to  Arjan Werkhoven, Director, Ordina: SAP C4C is the perfect fit for its vision and strategy. And the system provides operational uniformity, convenience, and transparency.

Another important reason to onboard SAP C4C is the fact that the solution is already being used at Ordina in Belgium and Luxembourg, which eases the implementation process.

As a result of the migration, about 600 customers moved to the new system. Werkhoven said, “This was the time for us to do the ‘winter cleaning’ right away. You have to look carefully at how the data is structured, which history you take with you and how you map it to the organizational structure.”

Further, Werkhoven explains, “The sales funnel must be fully transparent for the entire organization at any time and at a glance. This also applies, for example, to the contact moments with the customer, the progress of the services, and current marketing activities.”

He adds that the new system also enables Ordina, which has approximately 2,600 employees in the Benelux, to build closer ties with its customers: “Customer intimacy is very important to us. As a flexible, local party, we are very closely connected with our customers. ”

The SAP C4C effect

Ordina now enjoys the benefits of the new system. Integration with Ordina’s accounting in SAP builds one version of the truth.

For instance, new customers’ creation or contracted orders automatically integrate into the accounting system via a workflow. Additionally, the implementation of SAP C4C in the Netherlands creates one way of working in the Benelux, making cross-border collaboration easier.

Another essential advantage is that the regularization of CRM processes and systems streamlines the ICT ecosystem, offering a lower total ownership cost.

“With this we have laid the foundation for even more customer intelligence and a 360-degree view of our customers,” Werkhoven concludes.