The Branning Group, a digital service agency, has launched a new software package called “Agent CRM,” which is available for customers since June 1, 2020, and is currently made accessible nationwide. The module consists of seven tools—CRM, email marketing, text message marketing, automation, pipelines for the organization, booking appointments, and a “power dialer.” The software has already become famous and is receiving positive feedback.

While replying to why it built Agent CRM, Alex Branning, renowned marketing coach and CEO at Branning Group, said, “My passion is to help insurance agents make more money, save time and help them build the business of their dream. Agent CRM is an ambitious project that has exceeded our expectations and over-delivers for our clients. We’re thrilled to be rolling this out nationwide.”

Agent CRM’s “hot live transfer” is one of the most popular features in which whenever a new lead gets generated through a Facebook ad, the agents receive a phone call from Agent CRM. If the agent is available to chat or take the request, the Agent CRM instantly calls the lead and connects them directly to the agent.

“When a lead fills out a form, every hour that passes without them hearing from the insurance agent is a wasted hour – with the Hot Live Transfer feature, we are making it so easy for our clients to capitalize on the interest of their new prospect,” said Ryan Hocke, Operations Manager at the Branning Group.

One of the highest demanding features within the software is the “power dialer.” The automatic dialer starts pulling a list of leads for the agent and starts calling each of them back to back, without manually dialing the numbers. If the call is unanswered, the agent can click “No Answer,” and Agent CRM will drop a voicemail to the current prospect and simultaneously start calling the next candidate in the list of leads. “There are a lot of great power dialing solutions available now, but we really wanted to incorporate the feature inside of Agent CRM to make the software an all-inclusive hub for our clients,” Ryan Hocke added.