Slack has made an effort to roll out updates for Android and iOS mobile platforms. After close observations, Slack has made a point that people use their mobile phones more in comparison to computers for accessing the application. The update focuses on removing the clutter and making it easier to reach features when the user is away from the computer.

Users no more have to cling to side menus, there will be a Home Screen with tabs to quickly access your DMs, mentions, status’, and notification settings. The update aims to improve work-life balance as it snoozes alerts entirely after work. It also allows responding to off-hours requests.

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There are more specific tasks related improvements such as the compose button is quick to start. The call button is easy to navigate in DMs when text just won’t do. Users can swipe and easily change the screen one-handed. The lightning bolt located near the input bar allows you to perform actions in other apps without leaving Slack.

The update hasn’t rolled out yet but will perhaps be visible this week. Or let’s just say that the update is overdue.

It will ultimately look like fostering connection from home. The mission is to allow new remote teams to maintain alignment, build community, perform operations easily, and support one another in the changing business environment.