On October 12, 2020, Microsoft India announced the public preview of its Power Automate Desktop solution. An all-new desktop-based RPA, also known as Robotic Process Automate solution, that broadens low-code automation capabilities for enterprises.

About Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop is a part of the tech giant’s Power Automate service known to facilitate coders and non-coders on common grounds to automate processes and tasks on desktop and web apps with the least efforts from a single intelligent platform.

As per sources, the design setup enables non-coders to rapidly automate processes eliminating the need to write a single line of code. The new desktop solution delivers full control and agility for advanced users, programmers, and developers in an expansive and secure environment.

It further standardizes RPA capacities within Power Automate by offering a desktop automation alternative for native developers and business users.

Expert take

Irina Ghose, Executive Director of Cloud Solutions, Microsoft India, said, “Organizations and IT departments are seeking ways to quickly adapt to the unprecedented pace of change across every industry around the world. With Microsoft Power Automate Desktop, we aim to empower organizations to automate tasks across the desktop and web, using an integrated platform to complete tasks at speed and scale.” 

Ghose also mentioned, “It enables businesses to free their knowledge-workers from time-consuming and repetitive jobs and focus on strategic tasks to deliver higher value to customers. Organizations can minimize human errors, simplify workflows, reduce maintenance effort and cost, and improve scalability while ensuring security. This will play a vital role in transforming and reimagining their businesses in the new normal.”

Power Automate Desktop plays a dual role by handling Attended RPA (repetitive tasks like front-office activities) and Unattended RPA (back-office processes) with similar efficiency levels.

Advanced functions of Power Automate Desktop environment empower enterprises to –

Simulate several scenarios with the web and desktop recorders

Users can automate the web app of their choice with the Web Recorder, or they can alternatively capture on-screen aspects for Windows apps with the help of Desktop Recorder.

The USP of the recorders is that it tracks mouse and keyboard interactions to interpret them into an understandable path that can be repeated across web apps and any Windows applications.

Expedite automation with a simple-to-use visual designer

Power Automate Desktop allows every user to automate tasks and processes via their Windows machines. Additionally, the drag-and-drop visual designer functionality and the live debugging tools enable users to automate processes by arranging the steps logically, assisting in transforming ideas to reality easily and clearly.

Automate between Windows Applications with key actions

Users have the freedom to automate modern Windows apps and legacy systems with distinct actions without having to make any changes to the already existing IT infrastructure.

A single flow has the capacity to support tasks across systems such as SAP, websites, and legacy terminals like mainframes and AS/400, Citrix, and more.

Lower bottlenecks with flexible exception handling

The new Power Automate solution allows users to prepare handler errors at any point during the process. It runs automation with accuracy and pace by setting up safeguards like retries, notification on the occurrence of errors, and alternate execution. Every action in the script helps no-code error and exception handling and execution logs, including error details and screenshots, to help with troubleshooting.