Avatier, a Pleasanton California-based software development company known for its expertise in identity management software, recently broke the news of the release of Avatier for iOS and Android. The brand new mobile app platform is designed to create a collaborative, self-service approach to enterprise access without compromising security.

Plan of action

Avatier looks forward to streamlining identity access management (IAM) by enabling enterprises with stronger control over enterprise access requests, single sign-on (SSO), compliance access certifications to lessen SaaS (software-as-a-service) costs, and self-service password management to add value compared to purchasing individual point solutions.

The new mobile app by Avatier is engineered for the modern workforce, offering employees, customers, vendors, and contractors with a single mobile app that facilitates self-service business flexibility for time-sensitive security requests. With this, anyone in the organization can be notified on the mobile device to authorize business requests to access data and assets.

Change management experience for the entire organization can be operated through the new mobile workflow by Avatier, resulting in reduced overhead for IGA, simplifying provisioning, and confirming security compliance.

The new mobile platform is safe and secure, as Avatier’s password-less authentication automatically integrates with third-party multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions that are already implemented in several organizations.

Additionally, Avatier offers MFA support for a range of platforms viz., Duo Security, Okta Verify, Radius, Google Authenticator, Ping Identity, Symantec VIP, RSA SecureID, and any FIDO2-compliant solution. Avatier also providers one-time passcode (OTP) support for SMS and email along-with biometric MFA solutions.

Nelson Cicchitto, Founder and CEO of Avatier, said, “IT staffs spend an inordinate amount of time managing user access requests and conducting access audits.”

Avatier’s identity and concept management USP

Based on research by HDI, 30% of calls that hit the help desk are related to access requests costing an average of USD 17 per call. However, on the innovation front, Avatier’s user experience plays a game changer with push notification and a touch interface that can save the business from bank-breaking expenses by simplifying security controls and authorization while facilitating the entire workforce to approve access instantly whenever needed.

“With Avatier’s mobile application support, CSOs, IT personnel, security, and compliance teams save time and resources by simplifying identity management and truly enabling enterprise-wide self-service,” added Nelson Cicchitto.

Avatier’s mobile platform is inclusive of the following end-to-end self-service identity management solutions.

  • Universal workflow: For the first time, the interface for all business requests and change control is the same as the one used to carry out certification campaigns and verify access. Push notifications play an essential role in the approval and denial of urgent business requests. All role, access, change control, assets, and user management are controlled by Avatier’s Universal Workflow Platform.
  • User management: User access can be granted, deleted, or disabled as a scheduled event or real-time. Additionally, Avatier simplifies the management of data assets and software licenses to reassign seats as per demand.
  • Self-service group management: Facilitates self-service group membership requests via push notification for workflow approvals. It also includes group creation, renaming, modification of ownership, and deletion.
  • Single sign-on: Helps onboard remote and mobile workforce at a faster pace with JIT or Just-in-Time cloud app user provisioning and de-provisioning to deliver secure remote access to assets by adding users to the active directory groups. SSO or single sign-on supports key industry standards such as oAuth, OpenID and SCIM, SAML, and SCIM for JIT provisioning.
  • Self-service password management: Gets rid of help desk calls by enabling users with secure control over password reset and synchronization by leveraging leading multi-factor authentication companies to verify identity. Avatier’s Password Policy Manager strengthens the organization’s password policy to maintain strong passwords across all systems.