• Unity between Aon and OPN software deals with growing business needs pertaining to a fully digital risk-mitigation platform to maintain the safety of workspaces, employees, and customers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Every business that looks forward to getting operational amidst the Coronavirus pandemic has to have a plan in place to help contain and reduce virus spread. And all of this begins with employees and customers in their space.

In the pandemic scenario where everyone wants to contain the spread of the deadly virus, employers and employees are doing an extra bit to achieve safety at the workplace.

Aon plc, a popular global professional services enterprise that offers a wide range of risk, retirement, and health solutions, broke the news of entering a strategic partnership with OPN’s mobile platform to help customers deal with challenges invited by the pandemic and new requirement by Health Canada.

Collaboration between the two entities is designed to benefit current clients and to add more awareness to these capabilities.

Kelly MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Sales Leader Central Region, Aon, says, “Business owners, manufacturers and enterprises alike are concerned about making a safe return to their offices and workspaces and our new reality requires innovative solutions that help protect the health of their employees and enable business continuity.” He adds, “More than a technology solution, we are offering our clients the management of their workspace, in terms of both safety and compliance, with ever-changing regulations so they can help employees and patrons feel confident in steps taken.”

The partnership

This alliance between the two firms is designed to offer customers a solution to not only maintain safety and space management but also to alleviate and comprehend risk factors. Businesses now have a streamlined method to utilize real-time data, which can be leveraged to reduce safety risk and adhere to the compliance metrics.

Melody Adhami, President, OPN, mentioned, “We understand that the safety of employees, customers, team members and visitors is a top priority for businesses, which is why OPN is designed with the goal to help prevent an outbreak before it spreads with simple QR code technology that is less prone to error compared to new untested solutions.” He added, “Our goal is to help businesses prevent and manage potential coronavirus outbreaks and to do that companies need to act on real-time data in an integrated solution.”

How does this work?

The corporate end-to-end testing services offered by OPN enable organizations to maintain staff safety and productivity with an option to send employees directly to the FH Health testing center (a private COVID-19 test center), or companies can arrange a mobile unit to carry out testing on-site.

This new service strengthens and supports the use of a digital platform to reduce COVID-19 risk.