The Turkish videoconferencing app played the hero in the virtual global security event that took place amidst the pandemic between September 15-17.

A locally developed videoconferencing/webinar app dubbed as BizBize was used during the SEDEC Talks events. Built by leading defense contractors in the country ASELSAN subsidiary BITES Aerospace and amp; Defence Technologies, the app proved its efficiency during the international event conducted virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details of the meet

Scheduled between September 15-17, the security and defense meet SEDEC event was conducted based on the theme “homeland border, internal security and defense systems.”

Around 254 companies and institutions across 24 nations conducted 700 meetings over the span of three days using the application. The total duration of the meet was calculated to 410 hours.

Safety quotient

Along with the benefits of safe communication to participants (all thanks to the local software), Turkish security and defense industry companies nailed an opportunity to meet officials from around the world and find new markets and customers with the help of the application.

On September 19, 2020, BITES CEO and amp; General Manager Uğur Coşkun told Anadolu Agency (AA), that “with the increase in remote work and education practices due to the pandemic, they developed the domestic video conference application BizBize, which goes by the name XperMeet in international markets.”

He further mentioned that the application was shared with a range of institutions and enterprises and underwent uncut improvements under the guidance of an expert team along with the feedback received from users. Additionally, the SEDEC event also made a way to evaluate the capabilities of the application.

Uğur Coşkun also expressed that the name XperMeet was chosen to introduce the application called BizBize to the world market. Coskun added that the event came with special importance for introducing the app.

In a statement, he mentioned, “In a sense, we made the first international launch of the XperMeet brand.” He further said that developments in the app would take place based on the suggestions and demands the company gets from its users to develop a powerful international brand.

More on the development front

BizBize is all set to offer a secure infrastructure and setup for video communication in the most strategic and critical sectors such as defense, energy, education, and more.

The application is engineered to maintain security at the optimum level with end-to-end encryption and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Additionally, the app deploys Turkcell and Türksat infrastructures to offer user data security.


Extremely secure file sharing is also set to be possible with the app, that delivers incessant and high-quality conversation capability.


The application is designed to be used on internet browsers and mobile platforms.