Recruitment Smart Technologies that brings the world’s most sophisticated recruiter AI at your fingertips has now made the SniperAI Extension for SAP Fieldglass solution available for trial and online purchase on SAP App Center.

Easy accessibility and availability of the extension are all set to enable users to streamline aspects like time-to-hire and cost-to-hire for the contingent workforce.

What does SniperAI offer?

SniperAI, the game-changing AI solution for recruitment, helps automate and digitize the external workforce lifecycle for an enterprise. It leverages the power of emerging technologies, such as ML (machine learning), to compare and match CVs and job specifications with good speed and enhanced accuracy, resulting in reduced time and cost to hire.

Developed as an HR platform to automate the end-to-end talent supply chain for enterprises with an aim to effectively and efficiently find, qualify, and hire talent, SniperAI integrates with SAP Fieldglass Contingent Workforce Management solution to meet external talent requirement more effectively and efficiently.

SniperAI offers the following benefits to enterprises that use SAP Fieldglass solutions

  • Emerging technologies that match CVs and job specifications
  • Cuts down on resume scanning time by 53%
  • Slashes the initial screening funnel by 60%
  • Lowers sourcing costs by 37%
  • Reduces unconscious bias by leveraging blind hiring functionality
  • Automates the manual talent procurement processes

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