Salarium, one of the country’s leading providers of intelligent technological HR solutions, has introduced FacePass, a touchless time and attendance solution. It aims to help local businesses in protecting their workforce against the spread of COVID-19.

“FacePass offers more than just facial recognition timekeeping,” said Salarium Founder and CEO, Judah Z Hirsch. “It combines convenience and efficiency in enforcing safety entry protocols with its facemask detection and body temperature scanning.”

FacePass comes with a state-of-the-art device, S.A.F.E Tech (Secured Attendance and amp; Face-Enabled Technology), that compulsions employees to put on a facemask and have a normal body temperature before accepting their clock-ins. It can recognize an employee in seconds, even if their faces are covered with masks or shields. Functioned to create an alert if an employee surpasses a normal body temperature.

In August, Carlito Galvez Jr., Chief Implementer of the country’s coronavirus action plan, announced that the maximum number of COVID-19 cases are emerging from common workplace areas. Galvez made private companies conduct orientation seminars for implementing the safety plans for their workers, ensuring better compliance. The program explains precautionary rules such as mandatory face mask or wearing a face shield, sanitizing, maintaining social distance, and avoiding mass gatherings.

In August, about 15 companies in Quezon City were being monitored due to 280 workplace-related Covid-19 infections, according to the latest media report.

Hirsch said that since the start of ECQ (executive core qualifications), the business has remained operational, with its Time and Attendance Solutions in demand among companies adopting flexible working arrangements. “As we prepare ourselves for the new normal, we want to help companies create the safest and secure environment for their staff and, at the same time, adapt to the rapidly changing working set-ups.”

“With the seamless integration of FacePass to Salarium, it’s the perfect timekeeping solution for any business as we move towards the new normal and beyond,” Hirsch added.