Planful Inc.,  a leading financial planning and analysis (FP and amp;A) cloud platform provider,  announced its plans to upgrade its Workforce Planning solution. These upgraded platform capabilities push the envelope of financial planning to every business field, helping HR leaders be more competitive in the market.

Workforce planning has now turned too critical. As Planful’s comprehensive workforce planning capabilities include the latest enhancements, HR leaders are currently continually working on improving their collaboration with finance to more effectively plan and execute strategies with a Continuous Planning approach by:

  • Building-up headcount plans that go well with business needs
  • Analyzing the financial impact of workforce decisions
  • Standardizing employee compensation calculations using data from HR, finance, and operations in a central platform
  • Predicting workforce what-if scenarios based on cost drivers

Planful’s continued commitment to providing customers this critical capability led to recent product releases, including Winter20 and Summer20. It offers a platform-wide user interface upgrade, and a new and improved roster view, thus enabling users to manage employees across multiple departments at once.

As scheduled in November, the upcoming Fall20 brings some additional features that further simplify workforce management in an elegant, visual interface for customers.

“Companies are focused on workforce planning more than ever, but many HR leaders are realizing that they’re operating with a critical gap in their technology stack,” said Grant Halloran, CEO of Planful. “Our robust workforce planning solution fills that gap, providing leaders the ability to engage in more efficient planning and decision-making, with a deepened collaboration between Finance and HR teams.”

Planful’s Workforce Planning solution is used by more than 600 customers, including PS Logistics LT Apparel Group, Pipedrive, and Nevada Donor Network. A 75% drop in the length of planning cycles has benefited the customers immensely.

Instead of operating in a mirage of disconnected, siloed point solutions, while moving to a cloud-based platform with Workforce Planning capabilities, organizations can plan to capitalize on accurate plans and forecasts. Businesses that aim to achieve fast time-to-value while addressing critical workforce planning needs can use Planful’s cloud platform, which is operational in nearly 30 days.

“The need for continuous, collaborative planning for leaders in all corners of the business has never been more important than it is now,” said Doug Henschen, VP and Principal Analyst at Constellation Research. “Cloud-based planning platforms make it easier than ever for both finance and HR teams to use data to make better, faster decisions.”