LemonadeLXP, the all-inclusive learning experience platform developed for financial institutions, recently announced the release of a curriculum to aid financial institutions to drive digital banking effortlessly amongst the frontline workforces.

The core curriculum by LemonadeLXP gives training managers a blueprint for putting together the ready-made training module offered by LemonadeLXP’s courseware library, the Content Exchange, into an interesting digital banking training program.

The curriculum is designed to create a scaffolding approach to make progressive achievements toward learning by directing learners through the basics of online and mobile banking apps and simultaneously teaching soft skills that are much needed to promote and support digital products.

LemonadeLXP CEO, John Findlay, said, “The pandemic has put financial institutions in a tricky spot. To support the sudden influx of members/customers to their digital channels, they need to quickly upskill remote frontline staff. Since we’ve been creating digital banking training for years, we realized we were in a unique position to help.” He added, “Having launched the Content Exchange a few weeks back, we’re now able to author content and curricula for our clients to download to their instances. We chose digital banking first because our clients had a pressing need.”

About the curriculum in detail

On downloading the curriculum, admins have the authority to modify the material to customize it as per the respective institution. To expedite customization, the curriculum highlights specific areas that can be customized by a financial institution.

The digital banking program happens to be the pilot of the multiple curricula that LemonadeLXP plans to release. In their next development spree, team LemonadeLXP plans to develop curricula for financial education, customer experience, and sales.

About LemonadeLXP

LemonadeLXP is a digital adoption and learning experience platform developed for financial institutions. It is a sole platform that blends addictive microlearning experience for training onsite and the remote workforce by offering a digital adoption platform, which enables rapid development of technology to aid frontline employees and help customers migrate to digital channels.

On the USP front, LemonadeLXP transforms the complete learning experience into games, where employees can learn in a more engaging and entertaining way through play.

Using a powerful combination of product simulations, serious games, role-play activities, and powerful analytics, LemonadeLXP successfully offers an energizing approach to corporate training that delivers improved and scalable training in less time.