• OneLogin’s portfolio of solutions provides critical security controls and identity automation for public entities to successfully handle workforce transitions.
  • Unifying identity security is a critical stepping stone for IT teams to securely manage their hybrid IT environments as they embark on new cloud projects.

As a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM), OneLogin has announced the successful work it has done in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). One year into the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, the latter has successfully helped public sector organizations accelerate their digital transformation by securing their hybrid workforce environment with integrated identity management offerings.

In the past few years, more and more public sector organizations have undertaken their  digital transformation journey to support their mission-critical work – whether it’s modernizing their own applications, expanding their digital workplace, or developing new tools to better serve their constituents and communities. As IT teams take up new projects, unifying identity security is a boon for them to securely manage their hybrid IT environments. OneLogin has a robust portfolio of integrated solutions on AWS in its kitty to help public sector organizations secure access and authentication to internal systems, protect users from credential theft, and allow modern digital experiences for their own cloud applications.

With its portfolio of solutions, OneLogin provides critical security controls and identity automation for public entities so that they can handle workforce transitions better and at the same time, adapt their identity and security models for modern threats. From local governments to school districts to healthcare services using AWS, OneLogin is a bridge that connects IT departments, their employees and customers, and the technology that supports them.

Experts’ take

Sandy Carter, Vice President of Worldwide Public Sector Program and Amazon Web Services, said, “The need to secure identities and access to public sector systems, particularly critical infrastructure, is at an all-time high. We applaud OneLogin for helping customers securely accelerate their digital projects by offering advanced identity and access management solutions for consumers and today’s hybrid workforce.”

Andrew “Pete” Peterson, Chief Information Officer at the City of Oakland, said, “OneLogin and AWS are foundational technologies to support our ongoing digital transformation initiatives, manage our hybrid infrastructure, and improve our overall security posture.”

Peterson added: “OneLogin’s identity management solutions and ongoing partnership are critical — allowing us to consolidate identity systems, improve the digital experience for all of our government workers, and enable smart security controls like multi-factor authentication. The entire experience with OneLogin and AWS Marketplace for enabling our cloud purchase was seamless, smooth, and greatly appreciated.”

Matt Hurley, Chief Revenue Officer of OneLogin, said, “It has been a pleasure to work alongside AWS to assist organizations across the public sector to effortlessly build a secure digital workplace during an otherwise trying time, as a company, we have always believed in empowering teams with the tools they need to effectively balance security with ease of use.”

Hurley added: “The OneLogin and AWS relationship is delivering these enterprise solutions, including scalability with hyper-reliability thanks to HydraBoost, while also helping to ensure security remains at the core of digital transformation. Our customer success in the AWS program validates our commitment to delivering these much-needed solutions to the public sector.”

Wilhelm Pettersson, Head of Digital Change at Hermitage Clinic in Ireland, said, “I believe this hybrid model is more reflective of our modern world and our new clinic culture. With the right leadership and solutions, like OneLogin, we can confidently pursue this vision that aligns with the way the world is headed. OneLogin underpins our cloud-first strategy, enabling our clinic to operate in a modern way while ensuring a good user experience and the strongest measures of security.”

Wayne Moore, Director of Software Development at Pearson Education, said, “OneLogin enables us as we pursue our strategy onboarding millions of users. It provides the enterprise-grade security features we need and the support for the authentication methods our customers prefer. In addition to benefiting from OneLogin’s technology, we appreciate partnering with a company that is continually evolving its own platform.”