• Lifesight recently launched its enhanced customer intelligence platform.
  • The enhanced platform will help enterprises and brands to boost marketing strategies and power their customer data.
  • Lifesight’s LifeID customer graph technology drives the platform.

Lifesight, a leading customer intelligence company

Lifesight, a frontrunner customer intelligence company, officially introduced its brand-new customer intelligence platform recently across the globe.

The current pandemic (COVID-19) has negatively affected millions of businesses across the globe. Thus, the rising demand for accurate and fresh consumer data could help companies understand customer behavior change and market them in the new normal. Therefore, Lifesight’s enhanced, updated platform aims to assist enterprises and brands in unraveling this crisis by leveraging identity resolution and data enrichment to boost marketing strategies and power their customer data.

Building customer intelligence

Building customer intelligence is the procedure of converting consumer data into actionable insights that help boost business decisions, enhance consumer experiences, and optimize marketing spends. The platform is driven by Lifesight’s LifeID customer graph technology that leverages privacy-compliant 2nd and 3rd party data sets to construct billions of consumer profiles globally using artificial intelligence (AI). Therefore, enterprises and brands can easily measure, identify, and engage existing and new consumers.

Tobin Thomas, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Lifesight, commented: “We are seeing a rapid change in consumer behavior and it’s getting increasingly more difficult to keep up with the connected consumer journey, hence why it’s more important than ever for marketers to leverage customer intelligence to optimize ad spend and improve customer experiences. I am extremely happy to announce the launch of our customer intelligence platform and I would like to thank the amazing Lifesight team who made this happen.”

The platform is a complete package

As per Lifesight, its customer intelligence platform is a complete and cost-efficient package for enterprises and brands. Thus, enterprises and brands can adopt customer intelligence in their digital transformation journey. Lifesight is accessible in selected markets across Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle East, and North America.