SK Telecom announced its Geovision big data-based real-time floating population analytics service at the Sixth International Conference on Big Data for Official Statistics organized by Statistics Korea (KOSTAT) and the United Nations Global Working Group (GWG).

The conference that took place virtually aims to focus on “How can Big Data help in the COVID-19 response.” It will help experts all over the globe to express their ideas by discussing and stating examples of work in response to COVID-19.

At the conference, SK Telecom explained how Geovision has helped public agencies to fight against COVID-19. It is proving helpful for public agencies that are actively making use of Geovision to strengthen preventive measures against COVID-19 in selected areas and has also helped in conducting patrol operations more efficiently.

In Korea, Geovision being the largest spatial data and big data service, use communication data between base stations and mobile phones that offer analytical insights in different areas, including demographic statistics and trade area analysis.

It can analyze in every five minutes, the real-time floating population of any region across the world. Implementation done through the company’s self-developed big data analytics platform called GIRAF (Geo Intelligence Rapid Analytics Framework) can help analyze up to 60 terabytes of data every five minutes and provide visualized data results.

Additionally, SK Telecom and Statistics Korea together presented a joint case study regarding the movement of population related to COVID-19. The company is proving its part in the nation’s response against the COVID-19 pandemic after analyzing people’s actions based on mobile big data following the outbreak of cluster infections.

SK Telecom also presented a case where, in 2016, it worked with Busan Metropolitan City to produce national statistics based on communications data for the first time in the world. It was carried out along with other big data analytics use cases such as small business trading area analysis and transportation of big data analysis for the creation of a national transport database.

We are pleased to participate in this meaningful event and show how big data can be used for social good in times of crisis,” said Chang Hong-sung, Vice President and Head of Ad/Data Business Division of SK Telecom. “We will continue to make full use of our advanced ICT, including 5G and AI, to help create a better and safer society.”