• Astraea publicized its new collaboration with Cuebiq.
  • Partnership to offer consumers secure and accurate intelligence.
  • Expert’s take.

Astraea and Cuebiq go hand-in-hand

Astraea, a developer of the EarthAI geospatial analytics platform, on May 03, 2021, publicized about its new partnership with Cuebiq. Cuebiq is a pioneer in mobility intelligence and offline consumer insights.

Fusion of geospatial and mobility datasets

Blending geospatial and mobility datasets helps organizations get the complete picture of Earth’s surface and those who live on it. This is done by mixing Cuebiq’s flexible tools, innovation, and vast mobility data catalog with Astraea’s end-to-end AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations) platform.

The partnership brings together two crucial and developing datasets, offering customers secure, accurate intelligence.

Did you know?

  • Charlottesville, Virginia-based Astraea allows companies and individuals to unlock insights from geospatial data globally.
  • Cuebiq is renovating the way business intermingle with location data.

Expert’s take

Brendan Richardson, Co-Founder and CEO at Astraea, commented: “As a Benefit Corporation, we see incredible value in partnering with Cuebiq and their multiple Data for Good initiatives.”

He further added, “As the Earth changes, we need a new data infrastructure to unlock GeoAI, and partnering with Cuebiq allows us to do just that.”

Antonio Tomarchio, Founder and CEO at Cuebiq, commented: “We’re proud to be the data and platform provider Astraea chose to bridge their geospatial data with human movement.”

He further added, “We are able to support their important work by guaranteeing access to a stable supply of high-quality mobility data while making it possible to test and build new solutions and enhance existing analytics without the hindrance of high upfront costs.”