Spire Solutions, the value-added distributor of cybersecurity solutions in the Middle East and amp; Africa region, is launching big data and data analytics business unit. A very qualified team will lead the unit with over a decade’s experience in the data spectrum, empowered by strong partnerships with vendors specializing in AI, data monetization, and data science.

Mohieddin Kharnoub, Chief Revenue Officer at Spire Solutions, said, “We are excited for launching our Big Data and Data Analytics unit which help our customers in their end-to-end data journey. Right from solving complex data engineering scenarios to building modern-day AI-driven analytics solutions, our goal is to make data matter and monetise it.”

The company will soon announce its collaboration and strategic alignment with one of the leading data technologies. Additionally, it will also run a series of awareness sessions to benefit business and technology decision-makers across the Middle East and amp; Africa.

The world is turning toward digital economies driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and data. The public as well as the private sector has started trusting in the power of data and intelligence, which can be derived from it to transform the business or service and improve decision making.

Data is a thing that is set to grow faster than ever, with 1.7 MB of data being created every second for human beings on the planet. There is a rough estimation that we might come across 50 billion intelligently connected devices across the globe, and they all will be collect, analyze, and share data.

Going through the market research, the Middle East and amp; Africa AI, Big data analytics and amp; Cybersecurity Market value was USD 11.78 billion in 2020, and it is predicted to reach USD 28.36 billion by 2026.

And even after that, reliable and scalable data solutions and services are very few in this region. Spire Solutions took a step forward in this direction and forayed into data and amp; analytics domain to alleviate this problem.