At Adobe, new capabilities were announced for its recently rebranded Adobe Commerce platform to give the best features such as Product Recommendations and Live Search and deeply integrate Adobe Sign into the checkout process.

Also, the company will introduce a new finance offering that allows Adobe Commerce Merchants to apply for working capital loans.

Another feature added to the list is the Live Search feature that lets merchants add “searchandising” capabilities to the website, which gives customers personalized search-as-they-type results that get smarter with time.

The product recommendation feature fits well to support the B2B buying scenario. Improvement is likely to occur around B2B buyer’s purchasing behavior and adapt the recommendations based on the focus area.

Meanwhile, another announcement of integration between Adobe Commerce and Adobe Sign was meant to make e-signing a natural part of the checkout process. The finance division can also integrate Adobe Sign in the front by downloading Adobe Sign Extension in the Magento marketplace. This feature will be out in the second half of the year for everyone’s access.

As per Adobe, the new financing options work well for the merchants too. It will provide them with working capital loans meant to help them improve and scale their online businesses. The features will render major support to the financing programs and experts.