Pivot3, a performance, and technology leader in Hyperconverged cloud infrastructure announced a new policy based security management for its core intelligence engine. It will increase the security capabilities, allowing the enterprises to automate and create simple standard procedures for protecting data. Using the Pivot3’s new platform, enterprises can comprehensively secure data, standardize the security for encryption and also maintain the management of the sensitive data. The new policies will help the enterprise to implement regulations as the customers are acquiring and managing the data across cloud, core and edge platforms.

John Spiers, Vice President of strategy at Pivot3 said in a statement that “As the data security threats rise across the globe the users are going to need new regulations to implement the data security protocol. Enterprises in moderns times are constantly being challenged by the new threats and requirements. To protect the sensitive data, policies need to implemented but without compromising on security.”

Using the Pivot3’s intelligence engine the enterprises can enhance the performance, protection, and analytics, handle multiple application workload on the HCI. With the inclusion of automated and policy-based security management capabilities, it gives the enterprises an option to integrate encryption and key management into the application workflow. HyTrust KeyControl has integrated seamlessly into the Pivot3’s policy-based security management.

The policy-based management helps the enterprises to manage all functions that relate to the encryption and the key rotation policy and sharing of the key.