• Digital Well Operations is the industry’s first integrated and open software.
  • Digital Well Operations is accessible on iEnergy.

Halliburton Company launched its enhanced Digital Well Operations, a DecisionSpace 365 cloud solution powered by iEnergy. Digital Well Operations is the industry’s first integrated and open software that effortlessly links the entire value chain of rig providers, operators, logistics providers, and service providers to deliver more effective and safe wells.

Using Live Plan, Digital Well Operations connects the field and rig site workers to remote operation centers, a digital twin of the well. Further, it maintains and creates real-time views of each well phase bringing design and execution together to enhance operational efficiency and lower well construction costs.

The solution integrates with the Halliburton Digital Well Program based on open architecture for a seamless end-to-end well construction workflow. The Digital Well Operations solution includes four plug-and-play products:

  • Real-Time Solution
  • Well Operations Monitor
  • Real-Time Well Engineering
  • Real-Time Control Edge

Digital Well Operations is accessible on iEnergy. iEnergy is the first hybrid cloud in the market, designed to manage, deploy, and integrate E and amp;P cloud applications such as DecisionSpace 365. Moreover, iEnergy Hybrid Cloud seamlessly connects an organizations’ assets on the private or public cloud with iEnergy Stack. Thus, it offers a comprehensive set of fully managed cloud services to offer an excellent consumer experience.

Digital Well Operations could also leverage third-party and operator engineering and machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI) models, and advisory systems. Further, it creates a unified experience for advanced drilling automation. The solution is developed on various industry standards like Energistics and Open Sub Surface Data Universe (OSDU).

Nagaraj Srinivasan, Senior Vice President of Landmark and Halliburton Digital Solutions, commented: “We are excited to release Digital Well Operations, a ground-breaking solution to help operators execute, monitor and optimize well programs by automating processes, enabling remote operations and delivering drilling automation.” Further, he added, “Along with our Digital Well Program, Digital Well Operations will transform our customers’ end to end well construction process and enhance collaboration across the value chain to reduce well construction costs.”