Alibaba and VMware have announced the availability of its Alibaba Cloud VMware Solution in Hong Kong and mainland China.

With the service, customers can use the familiar VMware Cloud Technologies to extend VMware-based on premises enterprise workloads to Alibaba Cloud easily. And all of this without rearchitecting their environment. They will also be able to manage their workflows in the VMware environment without disrupting the security and network guidelines. The VMware model intends to provide organizations with consistent infrastructure and the ability to run operations across data centers and public clouds. The ultimate idea is to bring speed and agility that improves business growth and innovation.

“This new service will provide customers in China a powerful platform for modernizing their workloads based on a familiar computing environment, and will enable them to take advantage of many of their existing IT processes and workflows,” President, greater China region for VMware Bernard Kwok said.

The duo (Alibaba and VMware) said that customers would be able to use the new service for a number of use cases as they get direct support from Alibaba Cloud. The customers will have access to data center extension, disaster recovery, and cloud migration.

“Our partnership with VMware demonstrates our unique value to collaborate and innovate with world-class partners leveraging our advanced cloud platform, so that we can bring the most up-to-date products and solutions to our customers globally,” said Lancelot Guo, VP of Alibaba Group and GM of Ecosystem and Sales Operations, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “Alibaba Cloud is confident that with VMware, we can create greater value for our customers.”

Alibaba earlier this month unveiled plans to invest USD 20 billion into the cloud business for the next three years. The area of improvement and innovation will include servers, chips, networks, and operating systems. The coming years will also witness the deployment of proprietary technologies in the data centers.