The reason to keep track of privacy-focused apps is that it gives peace of mind to keep data secured. These privacy apps can act as the best bet when one wants to keep away trackers snooping around web activities. Another best part of these apps is that some of them come with a free version, thus extracting extra money to save data.

The list of apps stated here helps protect policies and enable monitoring of the phone’s data consumption, keeping passwords safe, and saving the device’s storage.

Need for privacy apps

With the growing use of technology, the related threats also evolve indirectly, creating a way for cybersecurity needs. Businesses today require multiple applications to function, and there is a continuous increase in demand to streamline and speed up the processes.

Moreover, privacy rules continue to complexify data management, creating further challenges. The pandemic situation made remote work a crucial part of every business, increasing the need for a privacy app.

Let’s learn about some essential privacy apps that should be downloaded at times of a pandemic.

List of privacy apps

1. Express VPN

Due to a continuous increase in the work from home facilities, it has become essential to implement a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN app is the biggest no-brainer privacy that boosts an Android device. It hides an IP address from the sites and apps that are being used as well as the sites and apps used from the internet service provider.

A VPN acts as a key for unblocking geo-restricted content that creates a false notion of being in a different location.

Express VPN is listed as a top security app in the list of best VPNs for Android. The application is reliably fast, serves 160 locations in 94 countries, and is available 24/7 for customer support.

Key points of the app

  • Best protection
  • Safe and secure
  • Full privacy

2. Kyms

‘Keep your media safe,’ usually referred to as ‘Kyms,’ is an app that disguises itself as an ordinary calculator. The app usually names itself ‘KyCalc’ on the Android home screen and performs the calculation task too. The app’s actual work is to store text images and videos by entering a unique four-digit PIN and password that opens an encrypted vault.

Kyms has a built-in web browser that can download online videos directly into the vault. There’s even a facility to transfer media to and fro from other devices over the network.

Examining the app will let the user know that it is more than a simple calculator, but not knowing the password will restrict them from entering the app.

Key points of the app

  • Encrypted vault
  • Web browser
  • Hidden security

3. Orbot

The Guardian Project has developed Orbot as a way for Android devices to access the Tor network. When used along with the companion app, the Orfox browser enables to browse the web safely without worrying about sites tracking location, as the connection is encrypted and routed through several different computers.

For extra security, Tor hidden services are used. Such websites with the domain extension .onion reside only in the ‘dark web.’

Key points of the app

  • Tor network
  • Dark web access

4. DuckDuckGo

Search engines like Google and Bing sometimes might get involved in leakages where there are chances of search terms getting shared with third-parties, especially with the sites being visited.

Often search history may automatically be saved on the visited sites along with the time and details of the devices, thus creating ways to trace back the user of the searches. These websites sometimes place virtual cookies on devices that would track search habits.

DuckDuckGo can powerfully work as a drop-in replacement for any default search engine. Installing DuckDuckGo saves leakages of searches to other websites, and engines cannot record the information about what the user is looking for. Also, this app is ad-free. Moreover, DuckDuckGo is compatible with the Orbot app, thus hiding location from the sites being visited.

Key points of the app

  • No leakage
  • No data recording
  • Ad-free

5. Firefox

With advanced built-in privacy and security settings, the Firefox browser app aims to make the internet surfing experience more secure than most other browsers.

Moreover, the Firefox add-on can be further use to increase privacy. After installing Firefox from the Play Store, the Firefox Add Ons setup is activated by following these steps – click on the menu and go to Tools and gt; Add Ons and gt; Browse all Firefox Add Ons.

In the Privacy and Security section, there is an add-ons option called Ghostery. It helps prevent websites from leaving ‘tracking cookies’ on any device to monitor browsing habits and the likes of script blockers and ad blockers, amongst many other security-related bits and pieces.

Key points of the app

  • Increased privacy
  • Black tracking
  • Blocks ads

6. Friendly Social Browser

Friendly Social Browser is a tidy tool that helps to organize user’s social accounts. The browser is particularly designed to operate social media apps, eliminating the need for a separate app for all social media apps.

Some of the good features of the browser include the ability to organize feed by keywords. The browser also provides the option for changing color theme and removing unwanted elements from the Facebook feed.

The Friendly Social Browser proves to be a good option for those who are looking for a privacy-focused browser for social media accounts.

Key points of the app

  • Privacy-focused
  • Organizes feed by keywords

7. OpenKeychain

OpenKeychain is an implementation of OpenPGP. It works by generating a ‘public’ key, which is given to others to allow them to encrypt and send the message, and a ‘private’ key that remains on an Android device and is used to decrypt incoming messages. This private key can also be used digitally to sign messages, so people know who the actual sender is.

The app is designed to integrate into the K-9 Mail app enabling easy signing and encryption of all the emails.

Key points of the app

  • Encrypts your messages
  • Strong control


Protecting privacy using these apps is the best possible way to maintain data security for any organization. Free apps can be used regularly, while the advanced one provides more control with added features and additional storage. Using an ad-free privacy-first web reflects a brighter side of the internet.

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